Our Story

Brikym Studios is a highly skilled and innovative indie game developer with a strong focus on creating engaging and immersive mobile multiplayer games. Their expertise in this area enables them to craft games that are not only visually impressive but also highly interactive.

Our current flagship series is called the Kingdom of Kuru. We have The Stolen Lumen and Lumen Race available now on iOS.

Meet the Founders

Brikym was founded by a developer and app designer, who joined forces to make mobile games.

founder pic4

Brian Ollison

Founder & Game Designer

I developed the Kingdom of Kuru to bring a smooth and fast-paced experience with intuitive controls while bringing back memories of our favorite retro platform games.

Kym Pressley

Founder & Game Developer

I designed Kingdom of Kuru, a 2D platform game that will engage gamers on any device through clean UI (user interface) and memorable characters in a fantasy world.

Outside of developing games, our studio will also focus on exposing our Atlanta youth to opportunities in tech careers through workshops and presentations. We recognize that over 80% of future jobs will require a background in STEAM or with entrepreneurship and believe exposure to makes a big impact.